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The weather has been out of this world gorgeous here lately. The kind of weather that makes you want to get barefoot and be outside. It feels good to air out.

A couple of nights ago we made a trip out to the family farm. We have around 17 acres on this land, and my mother in law owns the rest. To this city girl, 17 acres sounds like a LOT. To folks around here, it's not much.

I tried getting the cows to come closer. They weren't interested. Sometimes they come to the fence and lick my hand. Do you know that their tongues are HUGE? And feel scratchy? Like a cat's tongue? Just thought you might like to know that.

The late afternoon sun was gorgeous. And things are really coming to life. Aren't these peach tree blossoms beautiful?

I've started falling in love with barns lately. I don't know where this affection came from really. But just look at that. Love it. If I had any talent in the drawing/painting department, I would plop down right there with a mason jar of lemonade and draw for hours.

These last two pictures are of my husband's tractor. We don't have room for it in town. So it sits in it's home under the barn. My husband is and will forever be a Ford man. His grandpa gave him this tractor and it wouldn't surprise me if he asks to be burried with it.

My mother in law got this bike at a yard sale/auction. She is so proud! She just needs a bell.
 All of us kids have tried it out now. And she said that when we have each rode it at separate times, we take off down the gravel drive and let out a holler! Have you ridden a bike lately? I haven't ridden one in a few years, and that feeling you get when your feet are off the ground and two balloon tires are taking you for a spin- well it just requires a WOOHOO! It sounds crazy I know. I think the fresh air is to be blamed.

I saw these at the grocery store last week. I put them in the cart. Then felt guilty about thought about eating healthier, so I put them back on the shelf. Yesterday in a moment of weakness, I bought them.
I mean it IS their 100th birthday. That's BIG.

So that's all I have for today! Have a great Saturday!

Don't forget to read yesterday's POST and get ready for March 22.
We CAN make a difference!


  1. Love all the pictures. I would have probably done the same thing with the Oreos. Now I want some! lol

  2. I can very rarely say no to OREOS! They are such trouble! :)


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