Random Thursday



Just thought I would share some Pinteresty Love today.

Here we go.....

Fruit Kebabs! Love this! Makes me want to eat healthy!

This is purply loveliness. Have I mentioned before how much I love purple? As we speak I'm wearing a purple sweater. Sigh.

I do this too much. Compare myself to others, what a waste of time.

If I saw this at a yard sale or antique sale, I would snatch it up! I mean look at the colors? Beautiful!

Just thought you would all like to see what I've done with my craft room! Here it is!
Bahahahahaha, ok maybe not. But this girl's craft room is AWESOME!

For most of you that know me outside of this blog, you will know how this picture touches my heart. For those of you that don't- I have wanted a vintage VW BUG since before I could drive. I have seen Herbie the Love Bug somewhere near one zillion times. I have serious Love Bug love. Go ahead, say it. Love Bug love. Feels good doesn't it?

How very true that is.

I think I was looking for color today. And girl did I find it!
Happy March!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that last print!! Such truth!

  2. Me too! It would look great in my bedroom! Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!


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