Virtual Coffee


Good Morning!

Grab some tea/coffee or if you're like me, you're having a smoothie this morning. Strawberry, banana, mango and pineapple. YUM!

How was your weekend?
Mine was great, but too fast.
Spent a lot of time in the backyard doing gardening and starting seeds too.
And while I had my seed planting station, my little Chalie boy was never too far.

I seriously can hardly stand the cutenss.
And yes, those are MY pink crocks. I'm not ashamed. They are super comfy and perfect for working the yard.

I surprised the hubby with a new recliner. We didn't have one before, but he had wanted one since forever. I think every man needs one. He is so happy, which makes me happy.

And here is another pic of the room. The view from the recliner.
Just in case you wanted a sneak peek at our place.

It is so nice to have the windows open!

Hello hubberooni!
I took this pic at our friend's house over the weekend. We had a bbq. It was DELISH! And my homegirl Andrea made some mean appetizers. Stuffed mushrooms and peppers with sausage and cream cheese! Holla! You can guarantee I will be making these sometime soon!
We sat on their deck, enjoyed cold beverages and soaked up the awesome weather. It was so relaxing!

The hubby and I spent some time driving around in "Old Yeller". It is a farm truck thru and thru. We've had it for awhile and somehow I just noticed that it has a tape deck! Ha! Now I need to find some tapes and see if it works. I'm thinking John Denver or Dolly Parton. Sounds like a good choice for driving down dirt roads don't you think?

I saw this in a magazine. I'm thinking about ordering it.
The hubby and I always say that we are best friends for life :)


And since we're having coffee- I want you to revisit THIS POST. March 22nd is WORLD WATER DAY.There are millions of people who don't have clean water. And lots of people die everyday because of that.
Did you run by Starbucks recently? Or go out to eat? I bet you have.
Would you consider donating the cost of your daily coffee to this MISSION
Or think about instead of buying your lunch today, brown bagging it and giving that money to THIS ?

Some of you have already donated, and I thank you so much!

If every reader who stops by today would donate a few dollars, just a FEW dollars. We could make a BIG difference.

Please consider helping.


Thanks again for coffee!
How was your weekend?


  1. That recliner sure looks comfy and so does your home! Thanks so much for the little peek in!

  2. Thanks Jade! It's the perfect place to read a book and have some coffee! :) Also snuggle time with my little beagle Charlie.


I love hearing from you! :)

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