Good Monday to you!
I need a peppy start to the week, what better way than this song by Mandisa. Makes me want to move!

How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty good. Maybe a little too busy, but busy in a good way I suppose.

Here is a quick summary of our weekend in a few pics.

Blue Machine all natural juice by Naked. The people at Naked don't know me. This isn't an advertisement for them, we just like it :) Makes us feel good not to put any extra added junk in our bodies. Just the fruity goodness!

Had a quick breakfast date on the square in Mountain Home with this guy before we had to be at The Mercy Mall on Saturday. I will post more about that experience soon.
On our breakfast date we also shared a piece of vinegar pie. Say what!? Yes, vinegar pie. It's TO DIE FOR!

Cuddled up with my homelife magazine and a quilt Saturday night. So nice.

This little snuggly beagle was with me too. I can't get enough of that face!
Wakey Wakey, it's time for eggs and bakey! Haha! We were running late for church Sunday morning, so I whipped up some breakfast sandwiches to bring in the car. I think I could eat bacon for every meal. Really. I love it that much.

On that note. I'm going to not eat meat this week and cut out dairy.
 At the beginning of the year our church did a fast. A David like fast. Some of you know about that I'm sure. We refrained from eating processed foods, meats, coffee,soda dairy etc. All fruits and veggies and whole grains.But they did allow tofu and soy or almond milk.
 I lost 10 pounds that week and my face cleared up significantly. Why I didn't stick with that is beyond me.
The main reason I give up easily on other "diets" is because it feels to restrictive for me or like I'm suffering. I need to find something that can work for me day in and day out. I could really care less about meat. I prefer dishes without meat actually.
 Does that mean I will never eat a hamburger or have a steak again? No. But for the most part I want to eat healthy. And cut out the junk.

Happy Monday!
Let's meet up with Amy for Virtual Coffee tomorrow shall we?

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