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Happy Monday!
I don't normally feel this way about a Monday, but today isn't so bad.

For one, I feel really refreshed and renewed after a mini vacation with my main squeeze. ( I will share more about that tomorrow over coffee.)

And two, I got a new haircut last week. AND I LOVE IT!

Don't you just LOVE getting a haircut?
Even if it's a trim or refreshing your color?

I was getting uber lazy with my old hair. Always pulling it up in a ponytail, not bothering to blow dry it or style it at all.
So I decided is was time to bring Rachel back. Yes, that's right. A fresh hair doo can really do that for me. It was just the skip in my step I needed.
Especially because it made me feel extra beautiful for our getaway weekend. Which was great! :)
I myself have not colored my hair in almost 2 years. 2 YEARS! And I really don't regret. Except I saw a few gray hairs the other day, and I thought hmmmm.......

I felt weird taking this picture of myself. In the mirror. At our hotel. While the hubby watched a re-run of Swamp People. But how else could I capture the still cute, just done hair doo?
Just keeping it real. :)

And just in case you are looking for some hair-inspiration, here are a few links worth looking at.

How Gussy Styles Her Hair.  You must take the time to watch the video! :)

How Shauna Does No Heat Curls. I tried this when my hair was curly, in the car. While the hubby was driving home, not me driving of course. And it worked! IT was so easy and turns out great!
 Also, you need to watch this video! :)

And then, there is this girl. She has AHHHHHmazing hair tutorials. And she's adorable :) Win, win.

How do you style your hair? Do you have a long process every morning or go for easy?

Hope you're having a great Monday!

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