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This past Saturday, the hubby and I had the opportunity to serve at our church's Mercy Mall.

Basically it's a pumped up food pantry. It has clothes, shoes, toiletries, kitchen goods, lots of food, some baby supplies and lots more. It's mainly on donations, but the church does purchase some things they know are needed.
It's a place for people in the community who are struggling or going thru a rough time to come in and get what they need.

While we were there, someone dropped off several bags of donations.

Our church is also on the list to send people if there home or belongings have been destroyed by a fire or tornado, etc. Because when you have nothing, a place like this is a true beacon of light.
It's an intimidating experience for some to come to a place like this. Because they might feel like they have failed or pride gets in the way. These are tough times for people. Lots of people.
This wasn't like going to the downtown of a metropolitan area and handing out brown bag lunches to the homeless. This was serving people in this town. The town we live and work in.

Brand New Church knows people.
When I say that I mean they know how to love people. They know how people hurt and when they are down and out they need to be lifted up and brought back around.
We've all been there at some point. Maybe not to the extent of needing food or clothing, but everyone needs a boost.
The Mercy Mall is a judgement free zone.

Teddy and I helped carry in all the bags and started sorting them.
A few people came in. Some of the other volunteers got their information, showed them what we had and helped them get what they need. It's such a basic concept, but it meant the world to these people.

It was a true blessing to be a part of this. And in the future we hope to help out as much as we can. Right now their busting at the seems and are building on. How awesome is that?!

This was posted near the coffee pots at church. And as I was preparing the coffee to share with other volunteers, I thought how true this needs to be in my life. I need to be serving these people, my work, my marriage as if I was serving The Lord.

Dear God,
Help me to remember your love ALWAYS. I need to focus all my energies on that. Let me find the ways to spread your love to others who need it most. Thank you for leading us to Brand New Church.

Have a great day!

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