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Happy Tuesday!
I'm back again for Virtual Coffee with Amy.


Not a whole lot of important things to report on my end. How is your week going so far? Still early, I know. Do you count down until Friday like me? Well this week the hubby goes back to 4 ten hour days, so he comes home Thursday nights starting this week! Woohoo!

I started my morning with devotions. I wish I could say I do this every morning, but sometimes I forget. More often than I would like to admit really. I need to make it habit to fill my spiritual tank in the mornings, because I need all the help I can get thru the day.

If you came over for coffee, I might ask you to paint my toe nails..... ok maybe not. It's going to be in the 70's today and yesterday I told myself I needed to get my feet sandal ready, well really I need to prepare from the knee down if you know what I mean. But I didn't get to that, so socks and regular shoes for me today.

I would also invite you to our church. It's called Brand New Church . We love it so much. It really speaks to us. Every message I have heard from the pastor is wonderful. We've been going there a little over 2 months now and we are so blessed to have found such a great church. There are so many areas to serve and so many friendly people. This past Sunday we were invited to the pastor's house after lunch. They try to rotate and have people over from church on a regular basis. That way nobody feels left out. How awesome is that? Since we are fairly new to the church, there are lots of people we haven't met yet, but everyone was so kind and eager to get to know us.

I told you that I would tell you more about the Mercy Mall today- but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow :) There's so much to say.

Here's a random tidbit, yesterday I was digging in my purse and discovered that everything was wet. Keys, wallet, gum. Not soaking wet, just damp. But still. Eeeeew. As I did some more digging I found that my bottle of Aleve had opened up and all the pills were floating around in the bottom of the purse along with loose change, a pen that disassembled and a few bobby pins. So there went those. Then I realized that some cough drops and gum had gotten stuck with no return to the sides and bottom of the purse. So I had to dump it. I salvaged what wasn't worth saving and dumped the whole thing.
I hate having to do that to a purse I like.
But then I remembered it's just a bag. Something I carry around my junk/baggage in. It usually weighs too much and most of the stuff in it doesn't get used often anyway.
And I realized how true those thoughts are about my life. I carry around extra baggage/junk that has no purpose. Old mistakes or memories that I can't seem to let go of. Guilt and doubt, grief and heartache. Those are with me everyday in some form whether I have invited them or not. And it's so silly really.
Because I gave my heart to God a long time ago. He forgave me of it all. He doesn't want me to carry that with me everyday. He wants me to prosper and succeed. And you too. The Devil loves getting ahold of us like that. He's a jerk like that. And I'm done letting him push me around, because this girl is stronger than that. I just have to let her out.

That was a little more than coffee today. But I needed to share.
Hope you are having a great day!


  1. I'm visiting from The Virtual Coffee link-up.

    I can relate, I need to be more diligent with my devotion and prayer time.

  2. these things are sent to try us, aren't they??
    but it's good to talk and share - with others and with God... i'm enjoying richard rohr's 'wondrous encounters' book this Lenten time... it's just good to sit and be and read and pray...
    thanks for the coffee and chat :)

  3. @Anna it's a struggle for me, like excercising everyday. But I try to do it everyday.
    @Claire, they definitely do try us! Thank you for stopping by and thanks for coffee:)


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