It's Wednesday and sure enough I'm linking up with Heather and the Beautifully Rooted crew for our Found challenge.
God is everywhere.
And while on vacation with the hubby this past weekend we saw this church while driving out of town.

The red doors drew me in.
And I wonder who else they have drawn in?
A lot of churches are very mute and bland, maybe thinking that the less flashy the more they will show God's love. And maybe for them that works.
But I started thinking about how those poor bugs are drawn to the bug zapper's bright light. It litterally draws them in to their death. A little morbid, but stick with me here.
What if a church was decorated and painted  so it caught the attention of everyone walking/driving by it? Would people want to find out what's going on in there?
I would.
“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9
Happy Wednesday.
Where have you Found Him lately?


  1. I love quaint little churches too...I have tons of pics of churches I have never even fave is one in Captiva Fl called Chapel by the Sea, it's TIFFANY BLUE inside!! :)

  2. Love that, Chapel by the Sea. That sounds SO INVITING! We take pictures of old barns as well. There is something about the big and little abandoned structures that have such an untold story. Thank you for sharing!

  3. what a beautiful photo! love the arches, too. :)

  4. Wonderful! And I absolutely love old churches!

  5. @Lora, @Carly, @ Heather- Thank you ladies! Old churches are great! Thanks for stopping by!


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