I seriously love this song. A lot. I have a thing for songs with whistling. Because I'm a little nutty I suppose.
It's by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes.
The Band name is kind of weird. And if you see pictures of the actual band, well, you'll see.
Anyways, I think this song would be best sung while driving the highway with the windows down at the top of your lungs, hair blowing, big sunglasses and maybe a Sonic Drink.
It's that kind of good.
Don't you love a good song?
And for me, I'm not always good at remembering the words. So I kind of make up some of them along the way.

This weekend is BUSY for the Jeter's. Birthday dinner, volunteering at church for at the Mercy Mall, a fishermen's breakfast for the hubby, a trip to the Farmer's Market, church on Sunday. And who knows what else!

I cleaned the house a couple of nights ago. It was so refreshing and nice to go into the weekend with a CLEAN house. I crammed crazy cleaning skills into 3 hours. Even Charlie got a bath. He was stinky and needed it. So then of course I washed all his blankets and our bedding too. Because if you have a clean dog, that sometimes sleeps with you (ok mostly all the time!) then you sheets and quilts should be clean too. And because I was on a roll, I woke up early on Thursday and washed and hung my quilts on the line to dry while I was at work. And when I came home, they smelled HEAVENLY!

Happy Saturday!
Happy Birthday Dad, Gage and Grandma!

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