Random Friday


Are you as glad that it is Friday as I am?
It's going to be a great weekend. I can just feel it.

I don't have a real rhyme or reason for this post, just some different things.

1. My thumbs hurt. I couldn't figure out why. I took a tylenol. No relief. Dipped them in cold water. Don't ask. Did thumb excercises, up down, up down, up down. Nothing.
Then it hit me.
Every morning I open the window above the kitchen sink. But I am too short to really reach it and too stubborn to go get the step stool. So I do this weird maneuver making my thumbs use more muscle then they really have.
Lesson learned: Go get the step stool.

PS. My step stool is from when I was little. Like itty bitty. It says "Stand Up To Be Tall, Sit Down To Be Small". Works like a charm

2. Lately I have been drinking ice water with lemon or lime like caraaaaaazy. I love it.

3. I've been in a musical mood lately. Weird I know. When I lived in New York City, you could not pay me to go see a musical. I didn't care one bit about them. But within the last few weeks I have watched Hello Dolly, Dr. Doolittle, My Fair Lady and this week- Ooooooooooooooklahoma. What did we do before Netlifx?
Oh yeah, Blockbuster.

Think I can get the hubby to watch it with me? Ha. We'll see. :)

4. I almost deleted my Pinterest account. Have you been hearing all the buzz?
Check out THIS POST.
Be careful while pinning friends. You never know.

5. The people who had the house before us had a play house for their girls. We toyed with the idea of making it into a chicken house. But we didn't.  And inside this playhouse/almost chicken house, we found a little plastic table that no doubt the previous owner's girls played with. Maybe even had a tea party with! It needs a little cleaning up and a coat of shiny red spray paint. After it's mini makeover, it will find a home on our deck with some potted flowers. I can't wait. Yes, pictures to come.

6. I've been having weird dreams lately. For example I have been dreaming about running. Which I NEVER run. I should, but I don't. In my dreams I can feel myself running and even see myself running. I wake up and think "Did I just run?". Weird.
When I was younger I dreamt about roller skating. It was during a time when I really wanted to do it, but conquering the very steep driveway made me a chicken. The same sort of scenario happened when I almost got a vinatge VW Beetle. It was a stick shift and I didn't know how to drive it. I thought about it so much that I started dreaming about myself driving a stick shift.
I eventually started roller skating and then rocked the whole roller blading phase. Without shin pads or a helmet might I add, because I'm a rebel. Ok, not really. I never got the VW Beetle and sadly I have still not learned how to drive stick. It's like my brain can't handle that or something. Too many steps and too many things to think about while sharing the road with other people who surely value their lives. The hubby has tried to teach me at the farm, out in the field where nobody could get hurt. It didn't end up so well. Kind of like the time I tried giving him a hair cut. Bad.

7. Wednesday evening I went to Walmart. My mission was to buy flowers and some groceries. We live in a town with a small/not great grocery store. I'm always leaving the store wishing they had a better selection. Is it too much to ask for some fresh cilantro? I didn't come home with any flowers. But I did come home with lots of other stuff. Things I wouldn't have gotten if I had skipped the "Super-ness" that is the Walmart. So many distractions everywhere. Spent well over $100. Mouth wash, hair stuff, deodarandt , organic milk, strawberries, etc. etc. It adds up quick.
Of course I also found some not so essential items too.

I was having a severe chocolate attack. And these jumped into my cart! Ok not really.
But I couldn't say no to devil's food donuts with sprinkles. Be still my drooling taste buds.

8. I have been on the look out for the Country Living magazine for quite some time now. It seems that when you live in the country a magazine about living in the country is pretty popular. Boom, there it is.

Hey now, how did those Reese's Pieces Eggs get in there??????

I hope your weekend is simply fabulous!
What do you have planned?


  1. Oh dang! Now I too have to go buy Country Living b/c that looks like a GOOD ONE...:)

  2. @August Magnolia, you won't be dissaointed! :) I've looked thru it twice now with a glass of sweet tea. I KNOW you can appreciate that.

  3. Love your randomness! You need to go ahead and subscribe to Country Living! I love finding it in the mailbox every month (and it's soo much cheaper than buying it at the store!).


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